The New F150 Towing Guide - “Knowing First Before Hauling”

02/08/2012 11:45

Everybody needs a reliable vehicle that is power efficient as well as strong, yet, if your purpose is to use it specifically for carting weighty cargo; you will definitely have to look beyond just energy effectiveness and power.  This F150 Towing Guide shares the most important factors you have to know before the tow.  


There are a lot of components to consider before carrying on with the tow, like the weight of the luggage or even the trailer that you want to connect to your pickup. Added weight is definitely difficult for any vehicle so it’s necessary to consult the manual for the vehicle, see its towing limit prior to getting it on the highway.


Also, according to the F150 Towing Guide, you also should have the appropriate gear to make the haul less strenuous for your auto or truck. As for the 2012 F150 which remains to be a top option for pick-up trucks, such tools are the 7-Wire Harness & 4/7-pin Connector, Trailer Wiring Harness (4-pin), Hitch Receiver, aux. auto Trans. Oil Cooler, Radiator upgrade, upgraded Rear bumper and the Trailer Sway Control. Now for the 2012 F150, it has all of these functions and according to motorists’ reviews, this newest version is very easy to customize for maximum performance; extra gear may be added to further boost its towing proficiency.


You must also keep in mind that the performance of the vehicle could be jeopardized in challenging areas that’s the reason why it’s vital to select a vehicle with a powerful motor.  The F150 line has been a frontrunner in providing a comfy drive for its strong engine power; it takes on any hard surfaces. The 2012 F150 has the V6 engine which is not only cost-effective but reasonably equipped as well. People who have tried out this latest version claim that “it’s a vehicle with really serious towing and payload functions, yet silent and comfy as other high-end sedans…”


Be mindful of brake system requirements; they’re actually distinct for a lot of states. Most states require a split brake system for the trailers with load weight of additional 1,500 pounds.  It’s highly recommended that a different operational brake be used on a transported vehicle or truck. It can be either an electronically manipulated braking system or surge brakes which are independent gas brakes triggered by a master tube at the junction of the hitch and truck tongue.


Lastly, trailer lamps and even protection chains are very important in accommodating state regulations and making sure road (and cargo) safety all the time.