Hanna Motors - Ontario’s Most Reliable Ford Dealer Since 1956

16/07/2012 14:52


60 years is a very long time but for Hanna Motors, Ontario’s most efficient Ford car dealership, the near future still needs a great deal to maintain and services yet to be given to accommodate to the vehicle requires of the area. It’s with this commitment that the company is known to be among the pillars of the car business in Ontario.

Hanna Motors is owned and managed by the Hanna family which has constantly expert in offering Ford vehicles. It primarily offered Ford tractor to the farming industry of the area and it crossed over to cars when demand from customers boomed for these automobiles in the 50's. Other vehicle tends to make sprouted the next years, and the company required them in as well to offer their clients a broader collection to choose from.

In spite of the expansion and achievement of the company, it preserved its small-town strategy to vehicle sales which typically extends a perception of comfort which buyers favorably respond to. Buyers specifically prefer the idea that when they contact the Hanna Motors phone numbers given, phone calls are still responded by employees instead of being guided to a machine. All thestaff members are also very approachable and pleasant that those individuals who may be a bit anxious by the procedure of purchasing a vehicle are immediately put at convenience. Even those who may have some concerns with regards to transactions need not fear about being handled like second-rate buyers since all the sales staff are definitely motivated to give the top quality of assistance to all the individuals who arrive to visit, window go shopping, or actually purchase a vehicle.

Hanna Motors has an remarkable selection of used and new Ford automobiles that buyers can select from. From the brand new 2012 F-150, which just received Motor Trend’s 2012 Truck of the Year Award, to the Expedition, Focus, Escape, or older Ford car units, the shop has them all. Aside from this, the company also has a few financing alternatives to assist their buyers have an simpler period dealing with payments. The firm is even connected with various financing companies that offer low-interest car loans, and buyers can apply by filling out the online finance application form of Hanna Motors for the mortgage that they can manage.

Should buyers need to have their Fords repaired, Hanna Motors also has a repair shop. The site only applies authentic Ford substitute parts and it has qualified mechanics who focus in Ford vehicles. Whatever complications people may encounter with their Ford automobiles, the repair shop can definitely resolve it.

It’s with these provisions that the firm has developed and gained both the appreciation and admiration of its society. It already has 60 years of outstanding service under its belt, but it’s only destined to enhance and grow even more in the several years to come.