A Used Ford F150 As The Vehicle Of Choice Of The Trader And The Adventurer

27/06/2012 17:54


Used Ford F-150

If masculinity and strength could be expressed in a man's personal choice of vehicle, then no other vehicle screams or exhibits it more than the pickup truck. Long been considered as the working man's reliable partner, the pickup truck has always been the vehicle of choice for traders of all types; while showy sports cars and expensive makes show a level of elegance, the unquestionable adaptability and reliable function that the pickup truck provides makes it the most suitable option for guys (and yes, even females) who take a lot of time loading big pieces, transporting pieces around, and don't mind getting a little smudged every now and then.

Lacking the limitations enforced by a closed cabin and its corresponding height limitations, pickup truck owners can conveniently load and unload all kinds of items on its bed. A pipe fitter or a carpenter, for illustration, can put boxes of tools and replacement items at the back of his truck so he can take them with him at every trip to his customers' residences. A person can help a mate solve his transferring concern by offering to use his pickup truck to transfer his grand piano and large framed works of art. And of course, the free-spirited explorer will have no difficulty going after excitement from one place to another with his surfboard or mountain bike properly loaded onto the back of the truck. Need a vehicle of your own that can accomplish all these, and many more? Then a used Ford F150 may be just the thing you need.

Having the best use of a pickup truck will depend on your purpose for getting the vehicle; if you are searching for a relatively bigger vehicle than most to drive a big family around in for lengthy trips, then the pickup will not be the smartest choice. Although a used F150 can be decked out and reconditioned as a luxury vehicle equipped with advanced navigation systems, heated leather seats, and three-zone climate control, it still stands out best as a vehicle for conquering tough terrains, hauling bulky loads, and transporting other heavy vehicles. 

In its home country (the United States), known car producer Ford's F-series has been the most popular truck for 34 years. A used Ford F-150 is exclusively engineered to excel in packages transporting. The 2012 F-150 is constructed on the sturdiest frame in the class with a 3,120-pound highest payload capability. It in addition has a best-in-class cargo box volume of up to 81.3 cubic feet. And with the old style tailgate step and two box side steps, the cargo bed can be reached with no difficulty from different angles.

Aside from being capable of some serious heavy lifting, the Ford F150 can undertake some extreme transporting likewise. Do you have another automobile that needs to be towed to the nearest garage? Got boats and jet skis to bring in your cross-country trip? The F-150 also has a best-in-class towing capacity of up to 11,300 pounds. And to successfully and safely help drivers guide these hefty items to their destination the pickup truck also has a basic trailer sway control stabilization system and a built-in trailer brake controller; if you need to traverse difficult terrain and carry large objects at the same time, no other vehicle can shake the roads as well as the Ford F-150.

For the hardworking tradesman who carries the equipment of his work anywhere he goes, and the venturer who confidently barrels through all sorts of ground the Earth has to furnish, a usual vehicle simply would not manage. Brand new or pre-owned, the Ford F-150 supplies strength and total functionality, whatever the job may be.